project ideas based on artificial intelligence

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I am going to do my final year project and since my interest is in artificial intelligence i would like to do a project on artificial intelligence, but the problem is i dont know what should i use it to do so i am looking for some idea here.


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Deciding how to proceed is the first step. The "classical" demonstration of artificial intelligence is the Turing Test. More recently, the "expert system" was going to replace fallible humans that told the boss not to try to do it that way.

In what way would you be interested in exploring the concept? What does the term "artificial intelligence" mean to you? Explain that and you may have a starting point.

We had a thread on the subject in the Off Topic section some time ago.


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the way i starsted ai was a simple pednsrive with its ground and postitive hooked up. the pendrive was programmed with msdos with a programme i got off california electronics university site

when power was submitted , the output started to send a pulse signal and when resistance in the input was increased the signal slowed and when resistance was completely removed the pulse remained as the latter.
a complex programm could be used to turn this to a complex memory.:cool:


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Being a Sci Fi nut, I've come to think Artificial Intelligence as not self aware, but it can be smart in it's field, much like an expert system.

If we ever do come up with a true machine intelligence, I suspect Synthetic Intelligence might be a better label. It's real, it was just created through man made means.

Having said that I have never seen anything even remotely close.

Besides AI what are your interests?