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    Aug 10, 2008
    i was wondering that there is a replacement for the schokky diode BAT45 or BAT43 when it is to be used in a cicuit that detects mobile phone signals (basically i think it detects the RF signals).we need it for a project but unfortunately we can't seem to locate it.
    thanks alot

    also we're planning to make an inductor for our circuit there any particular way to make it or do we just wind it like a normal spring/solenoid

    thanks alot again:)
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    1,793 carries BAT43's:
    You might be able to substitute something like a 1N5817 (axial leads) or BAT54 (SMT) depending upon your mounting requirements.

    You could wind an air coil on a form, like a Bic pen barrel with the ink cartridge removed, or around the body of a very high-resistance carbon resistor (very common in the 'good old days').

    What value of inductance do you need, and what size magnet wire were you planning on winding the inductor with?