Project for a church booth

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Hello. I am new to electronics and I need help. I would like to set up a speed bag for kids to punch. When they punch it, it will hit the wooden platform. On the wooden platform, I need to use some type of sensor that records pressure. I want to record this to some software and display a measurement for kids on a pc projector. OR a friend suggested a circuit board to read the pressure sensor output and configure it to display some LED lights in a row. A friend said a sensor that measures voltage is where I need to look.

BTW: I am new to electronics, but with Google, Youtube, electronic stores/online electronic stores, libraries and help from here, I'd like to be able to do some research and put something together.

I do know how to program software and took digital logic in college, so I thought that maybe these skills could help too.

Any tips or a suggestions on a starting point would be greatly appreciated.