Project: Binary Clock with Flip Flops JK

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Hi people, I already saw some good binary clocks made with Pics and all of that :) :D very good, well I´m not an electronic master but I want to share with you this Binary Clock I made with Flip Flops JK, Not & And Gates, I also attach the circuit Schematic.


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The sticky on the top of the Completed Projects forum spells out what is required for a Project to be displayed on this forum.

Your project comes close, but does not have everything that is needed. This forum is to allow people to duplicate your work, and is not meant as a forum to show off your work.

Please re-upload your photos separately, (preferably as .png, but .jpeg is fine too), so that they can be accessed independently. Each post cannot have more than 5 attachments, so you will need to create another post as "stash point". Alternatively you can upload them in your personal album, available at your profile and link them from there.
Also, there isn't a standard simulation software for electronic circuits. Your .lvw file can't be accessed by everybody. You need to take a snapshot (image capture) of your circuit and post it as image. However, you can leave the .lvw file as well, for those who can access it.

You Tube videos are acceptable as long as they do not exclusively contain vital information.

You have until New Years Day to correct the deficiencies in the entry. If this is not done the entire thread will be moved into the Projects forum.

If this happens it can still be fixed. When the Completed Project entry is brought to specification it can be moved back into the Completed Project Forum.

Thank you for your entry. The moderating staff will work with you to bring it up to snuff. While we are the sole arbiters what is acceptable, we don't want to keep you from showing off your hard work and how you did it!

This post will be removed once the project is documented properly.