Programming pics in basic, which program is used?

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hi all i am a new guest and i hope for all best wishes.
And i want to learn how to beginning and which program used note that i wish to used pic basic language


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For programming PIC in BASIC, I highly recommend the mikroBASIC compiler. There is a free version as well, along with plenty of support, a free e-book, plenty of example codes and awesome library functions.

I think you should have a look at:

Hope this helps.

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thx,for all reply and i start with a book to understand the feature of microcontroller and i wait the result beyond??????????????


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Has It got to be a pic basic compiler why not use another language pic basic as is proton basic are actually c compilers I got a telling off from the blokes of Proton basic when i suggested that it was basic comments were i have to grin a bit at this " I absolutely detest basic "

There is the SDCC compiler as well if you can put this together quite difficult to patch together though thats what i found It is free however uses ANSI C

Proton Basic is very good and equally as good is Boost C compiler

The Hi tech C compiler is another compiler as well but its very expensive not for people who have very limited budget