Programming PIC16F877

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Can someone help me with the programming bit of PIC16F877 to control my H-Bridge DC to DC converter.

The modules of the gate inpute comprise Mosfet driver and
Isolator for digital PWM inputs.

Control Objectives
1. Position
2. Speed

Control parameters
1. PWM1 and PWM2 outputs for each leg of the H-bridge circuit
2. Desired PWM duty cycle 3-97%
3. Frequency of clock 4MHz
4. Frequency of PWM 4KHz
5. Pre-scale = 1

Can somebody please take me through the step by step method to program the chip to control my Vcc = 12V H-bridge with a DC motor 6 -15V 445mA.


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I have not done any but can post one I copied from a website. Can you help me modify it to serve my specific instructions?
We can give advice, or help you in many ways. But it is your school project. So you want find any in here willing to do all the work for you. For that kind of work I will require a signed contract