Programming pic 17c44

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I don't know how to program the old chip, it normally used a pro mate 2 but I have a pickit 2 programmer. I program 16f877 using 5 pins VDD, VSS, MCLR, PGD and PGC.

The older 17c44 doesn't have PGD and PGC, anyone know a substitute method?


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The 17C44 is a one time programmable device.

It also does not support ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) so you can't use any of the PICKIT or IDC series of programmers. You will have to use a stand-alone programmer such as a PICSTART (or similar) to program it.


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The 17 series from microchip was never accepted by the marked. It is not recommended for new designs, and availability may be limited. Also as many say the 17c variants can only be programmed once. So if you have taken it out from some equipment. It can not be reprogrammed. And that will also be valid for all PIC xxCxxx variants. Microchip suggest using a 18F series chip as a replacement for any 17C series chip