Programmable Unipolar Motor Driver

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    Oct 16, 2012
    I'm very new to these forums and electronics so first off I would like to say a courteous hello to all members of AAC.

    I recently got a Raspberry Pi and a stepper motor. I know nothing about electrical engineering and thought I would start learning with this first ever project; turning a motor on/off, which sounded straightforward at the time.

    Not knowing what I was doing I bought an Easydriver for the salvaged PM55l-048 stepper motor(Data sheet ). Unfortunately after some research into stepper motors I think the stepper I have is the unipolar version since it is a 5 wire motor and from what I understand it is not possible to drive it with the EasyDriver (is this correct?).

    So looking into it further I found these wiring diagrams for the PM55l: Here

    I'm not sure what the circuit diagrams in the datasheet is showing, are these flyback/freewheeling diodes and transistors built into the small breakout board on the motor or are they just showing a possible circuit to connect them to a digital output/controller? Can the small breakout board be taken off to convert it to a six wire stepper driven by the EasyDriver (since the motor has 6 exposed pins converted to 5 on the breakout). Can the Raspberry Pi drive the stepper (I'm guessing not because it's running Raspian which will mean timing will be a problem?)

    Sorry about all these questions, I guess my main open-ended question is what is the best way/circuit to drive this motor and have full (programmable) control of the stepping?