programmable touch pad entry

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I am a low level novice when it comes to electronics...
I want to find or build a flat 10 key pad and curcuitry that I can program different security codes (at least 5 different codes) to send an "On-Off" signal to control an electro-magnet. Does such a thing alreay exist "off the shelf"? I wouldn't mind building one, but I don't have any idea where to start!
Also need a source for electromagnet to use that has enough power to "lock" a door.
any and all help will be appreciated!


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A friend once told me, "Woah, slow down. You need to start small." I am still "starting" but building electronics isn't something you just are handed. You have to learn the pieces of it and learn why it works (unless you're building straight from a kit) or you'll end up screwed in the end. I think you are WAY ahead of yourself in the fact that you're already specifying how many codes need programmed in. There are kits that people may be able to suggest that'll let you build something like what you're looking for but, if you want to get any actual knowledge out of it (or make modifications such as code length/amount of codes or even LED color), I would learn it from the ground up.

Also, what do you mean by the electromagnet having enough power to "lock" a door? If you're asking for a magnet that could hold it closed against someone else's force, you're not only going to waste a TON of power running that but I don't think that's an effective way to lock it at all.

Learn about all of this stuff or hire someone to build it for you. There are other possibilities but I am a strong supporter of the ground up approach.