Programmable thermometer to 110 relay for a complete newbie

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I have no experience when it comes to microcontrollers and have always wanted to get into them and I thought this project might be perfect.

I am making a fish breading tank and the water needs to be chilled to different temperatures depending on where they are in the cycle.
I have the cooling system set up I just need a way to turn a 110v water pump on and off at a specific temperature. I thought the best way to do this was with a microcontroller.

I would like a set up so I could start to make other things with microcontrollers as time goes on.

I am not sure where to go to get started and was hoping to get some help from people who know what they’re doing.

Any input about any of this would be great!


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^^ yep thats the "easiest" ... no need for a micro/programming at all..

Or an easy micro route would be with an arduino/waterproof lm35/relay shield.


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You don't need a micro to build a thermostat, unless you want fancy options like a readout and all that. I use LM35 - comparator - MOSFET or in this case add a relay. Tough to beat a $20, purpose-built device though.


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Agreed. $20 is a no-brainer solution, but the OP wants experience in MCU's.
Good enough to start with something this simple.