programing a PIC


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what do you use to get the data in a pic chip.
and to do this, from inside of MPLAB, get your self an ICD2, or a clone. Build your project - use the free assembler, or your choice of many compilers from inside the IDE - load the hex file in the PIC with the ICD2, and release from reset within the IDE. Your project starts running. ( or not :-( in which case you use the debugger as a debugger.)


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Have you used the search engine in their site?

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I was installing mplab when I got this message: error error occured 'microsoft.msxmlsr,publickeytoken="6bd6b9abf345345378f" version="",type="win32",processor architecture="x86""

can anyone help me?


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Am I correct in thinking you are installing on Windows 2000? This error is OS errors so you would be advised to check with the release notes to ensure your PC satisfies the system requirements for MPLAB, available from the MPLAB link I gave you.

I will also move this to your existing thread to keep things all in one place.



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I'm on windows XP.
Then I have misinterpretted the error message.

Have you clarified that your system satisfies the requirements for MPLAB? If so, I would recommend that you contact Microchip regarding this error message to see if they have information in their knowledge articles.

i was reading through this thread hoping to find some of my own answers.

Now, with the project i'm working on, i connect the ICD2 to the circuit and to the computer - all other pins connected appropriately (i *think*) - and even then, not only do i get a failed self test, but its still unable to read the PIC. we've had microchip replace this device for us twice already....can you plzzzzzzzzzzzz help!