program to drive 8 * 8 matrix relay

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    Mar 27, 2011

    i am doing the program to drive a single relay out of 64 relays connected in matrix . i ve use 2 port of at89s8252 to connect 64 relays. i ve used to 2 ULN and UDN driver for this purpose.

    i ve connected port p1 to row and port p2 to column of the matrix relay through ULN and UDN driver.

    i tried some logic to drive a single relay . but it did n't work.
    as i making the row pin connected to a relay low and the column pin of that relay to high it is not working as desired . as i set low to row pin all other relay connected to this pin also get activated which is not my desired requirement.

    For example suppose i want to operate 34th number relay i.e . by getting the 3 and 4 command from 4*4 matrix keyboard .

    then i applied some logic to get the 5th row and 2nd column.
    i.e. 34/8 =4 ,reminder 2

    4 +1 =5 got row
    reminder 2 column

    Now i want to operate the relay connected to 5th row and 2nd column.

    well how to achieve this goal of operating this particular relay

    I have attached the circuit diagram .PLZ go through it.

    and help me in this regard. Its very urgent .Waiting for ur response

    regards from cktcrazy
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    It might help if you provided us with the code you are using to activate the relays.

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