Program for Circuit simulation?

Ron H

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Whats a good program for that? Any even if i have to buy it. (only if its really good)
Except electronics workbench.
I and a lot of other hobbyists use SwitcherCAD III from Linear Technology. It's totally free, and uncastrated (unlike most student and evaluation versions of commercial simulators). It might be hard for you to learn, though. Any simulator is garbage in=garbage out. Some are garbage in=sophisticated garbage out.

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Yeah.. i have switchercadIII but I can figure it out. I need to spend some more time on it, like during the weekend.

What else is there?


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Tina is pretty simple to use - not sure about its availability or costs, I would recommend you have a look through the above site.



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I use TINA and LTSpice. In my opinion LTSpice is powerful and flexible moreso that TINA. TINA is not TI's Spice engine; rather, it is from a company located in Budapest called Designsoft.
You can get up and running in TINA very quickly which is a great benefit which is why most of the time I use it. I am trying to ramp up on LTSpice, because again, I feel it is a little more powerful in terms of simulation.
SIMPLIS is another program I use, but I have not had a lot of time playing with it. You can download that from Intersil's website.