proform lx 550 treadmill problem

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    Apr 1, 2011
    hi i am having problems with my treadmill, there is power going to the treadmill as the lights come on and the display comes on but the belt will not run sometimes and other times it will, i have no idea on electronics and cant find anyone in my area to have a look at it. I am wondering through doing a lot of reading on internet as to whether this is a sensor problem or a motor problem. I have found parts for it on the net but dont want to buy the wrong ones? can anyone explain to me in really simple terms what i can do from here?
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    Jul 17, 2007
    If you are not familiar with electricity and electronics, then it would be rather hazardous for you to try to diagnose it yourself.

    There can be 120V or more for the motor supply at high current. If you make a mistake in there, you could wind up electrocuting yourself, or damaging the equipment even more than it is. Replacing components requires skills that need to be learned before you can even start on things like this. Service manuals are not usually available to the public; too much risk that someone else will steal their design and go into business for themselves.

    Proform's website for support is here:
    Perhaps they can help you find an authorized service center.
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