Problems with wireless network

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I have a problem with my wireless connection. Works intermittently, I have monitored it with Netstumbler and has a good signal when is on. The thing is that some days no problems others I do. And also the signal goes on and off in one sec. aprox. then it may stay for a few seconds and goes completely off again this happens in a fixed location. I tried with a different laptop card, different locations, different channels and had the same result. The DSL modem/router is new and is a 2wire. There is a cell tower about two blocks from my location.
Any ideas.


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This problem could be as simple as a wall wart plugged into a worn/corroded outlet or a bad power strip.

It could also be a defective wireless router.

It could also be that the router is installed in a location where the sun beats on it in the daytime, and then it cools down at night.

Your power supply might be marginal. Do you have a UPS that you could plug the wall wart power supply of your wireless router into?

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Sorry I forgot to mention that the wired connection works fine. With the netstumbler it seems to get more continuous signals in specific locations but goes off after a few seconds. I ruled out an operating system problem I am using XP. Since I used two wireless cards that were fine before the problem is with the wireless router part of the modem or the transmision medium. Could it be some type of interference from somewhere cross modulating the signal?. I do not have an UPS.


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You could try switching the channel and seeing if that helps the problem. If that fails, my advice would be to start looking for a new router.


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hiya,don`t know if this will help,but my router interferes with my 2.4gig a/v sender,also distance is reduced with my router reception,when the sender is switched on.I have to have one or the other switched on to avoid problems.
Just contributing,forgive my ignorance with using correct terms.
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i think the problem is with your service provider. you should contact them so that they can figure out the problem.

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The modem is a 2wire 2701hg, 802.11b.
I have moved the modem/router to a different location and is working fine for now. My wireless transmitter is the only one in range.
Actually I was suspecting of two nearby Cell towers. But I do not have an Spectrum Analyzer to look at the signals. I know that the harmonics of the Cell phones frequencies go well beyond the 2.4-2.5 Ghz that the wireless network operates. Microwaves ovens are also a sort of much interference, but I descarted that since the problem persisted for hours. The thing was that the signal was not week it was -45dBm stable, it would be on and strong or dead for a period of 1 to 2 sec. But Netstumbler does not have a good way to check for the singnal integrity but it gives you a SNR the noise is in the -95dBm. I know that the Bluetooth ISM band and WLAN 802.11b are unlicensed and I think they are not that robust. Even if the interference is comming from the cell towers which by the way also have TV VHF repeaters on them I cannot do nothing if they are within their specificated transmitting power. Well I do not know what fixed the problem. As strange as it looks this one is more:
Once I had a glass diode that looked ok and would measure ok if touched with my finger but it was open circuit both ways. I still do not understand what I did to the depletion region by simple touching or covering it with my finger.
Thanks for the tips guys.