Problems with Superposition prob

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Hi Im a newby to electronics and have a problem. I cant put an image on here of it so Ill explain what the circuit looks like.

There is 5 resistors and 2 voltage sources. The Resistors make 2 T's.

Going from left to right:

A vertical Voltage source of 43,
A horizontal Resistor of 5,
A vertical one of 9,
A horizontal one of 4,
A vertical one of 6,
A horizontal one of 2,
A Vertical Voltage of 2

Q1). To find all 5 currents through each resistor do I just use I1 = V1/R1 etc

Q2) When I1 divides into I2 and I3 does the result of I3 divide through I4 and I5


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I guess you know how superposition works ....... ?

Work out the various currents with the 43V source in and the 2V source shorted. Then do the same for the 2V source in and the 43V source shorted.

You could use whatever analysis technique you prefer - nodal, mesh etc.

Then add the individual element values contributed by each source algebraically to give the actual values.

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When removing 2V I find:
V = 43
R= 9.27
I = 4.64

I1 = 4.64
I2 = 4/9+4 x 4.64 = 1.43
I3 = 9/9+4 X 4.64 = 3.21

To find I4 and I5 do use:
I4 = 2/6+2 X 4.64 OR 3.21
I5 = 6/6+2 x 4.64 OR 3.21