Problems with msim.ini file of Pspice

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Hello! And happy three kings day even if you don't celebrate it, as I.

I come to gift you a question. Jejej.
The issue is that I downloaded a Pspice student version, concretely the 9.1 one.I had been working for hours along the weekend in a project in Pspice.

So I achieved to run it, but just with orcad capture tool. Surfing on the internet, I have realized that my Pspice installation program missed to generate the msim.ini file, which is necessary to translate schematics from Pspice Schematics, to Orcad Capture Schematics. Then I think I need to have it for being able to use different libraries than the included ones.

As I said, I need it, I tried to download the student version for other different webs but I'm having the same problem.
If somebody has any idea, please write it, or if somebody could upload the file I'll be so glad. ;)