Problems with electrics in house

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Hi. I have no electrical experience and am looking for the best way to go. I stay in a 6 year old house which was fine electrically for 5 years but in the last year I have had sockets which sometimes work and sometimes don't. I also use Ethernet over power units which have worked fine but now only work if I turn off some other sockets. None of these issues trip any of the circuit breakers.


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I would strongly suggest calling an electrician. Mains is not for the inexperienced or hobbyists.

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Digg thanks for your reply but was wondering if it seems like a big job to rectify or should an electrician be able resolve quickly.. Thanks again


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Do you know what the voltage is at the sockets when all of them are turned on? You may be having issues with your electrical service coming to the house and nothing wrong on the inside of the house.
Are you in the US? If so, you could measure the voltage from line to ground and line to neutral. Those measurements should be around 120VAC or close to it either higher or lower.


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it could be as simple as loose wires at the back of the sockets. if in the UK, your sockets will be on a ring main, which means that there is 2 faults at different points. turn off power, unscrew sockets , and check connections. also check that the insulation on the wires is stripped back enough, quite often ive found that electricains at 2nd fix can be a bit lazy, and dont strip back enough, so the clamp screw traps the insulation, after a while, heat causes the plastic to shrink and wires become loose.
But make sure the power is turned OFF First !!!!!

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Thanks guy. I am in Scotland. I have checked the faulty sockets and all seems okay although I never checked the insulation. Could I be trying to draw too much power. I thought I could l use as much power as I need?

Thanks for advice


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Intermittency in an electrical power distribution system is not an issue that should be ignored. Most of the usual causes (loose connections at panel or other circuit nodes, etc.) can cause fire.

At the very least, make sure you have working smoke detectors.


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Many electricians will do a free inspection and quote. There is NO EXCUSE for not getting a licensed professional to look at it!