Problems in transmitting 8 bits data

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I'm currently doing a project involving transmission. I have to send 8 bits parallel data and encode it to serial data in order to send the data to transmitter and vice versa for receiver part. However, I couldn't find any 8 bits decoder ic in Msia. So, I'm now planning to use HT 12d ( 4 data line ). I did some research and get to know that HT 12 D can be used to send 12 bits data, but I don't know how, is it something to do with the address lines?? Can somebody please help? Thanks =)


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In order to communicate serially, the easiest method is to get a pair of UARTs (UART-Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter).



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Where are you located at? If you put your location in your profile, it makes it much easier for us so we don't suggest things you are unable to get if you aren't in the US.

How long is the serial line run between the two devices? What data rate do you require at a minimum?