problems finding the right 9v battery holder

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Hi guys,

I'm in the UK and built an LED sign box. Looks good but only problem is the back looks unprofessional. Firstly, I don't know much about LED's so had help building it but the main issue is the battery holder on the back.

I'm running an LED strip of about 12 leds off a 9v battery pack which is at the back of the sign box, and glued onto the outside of of it. I want the holder in the lower outside corner of the square back board. The battery holder has an on/off switch on one side, and if you flip it over the battery is inserted on the opposite is my dilemma...why do they make them like this as it means you can't stick or screw the thing down flat!!!

I can't fix the holder to the back properly because you won't be able to turn the switch on/off, so I have to glue the holder slightly off the board so the switch can be used, but it doesn't look practical or porfessional. Also the holder is square with beveled edges and doesn't sit nicely onto the back.

Ideally i'm looking for a flat 9'v holder with on/off switch that can be screwed or glued flat to the back and onto the outside of my sign, and where the on/off switch is the same side as where you insert the battery or at least not on the opposite side...I can't find anything in the UK but surely these holders must be out there.

I have attached a picture of the holder currently being used...the on/off switch is on the flip side...

Thanks for any help


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Have you thought of fastening the cover side to the device and opening it with the other half of the housing? I haven't seen too many variations of a 9V holder with switch other than non-switched and PCB mount and non-switched.