Problem with wireless home phone

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This might be completly off-topic in this forum and if it is, can you please tell me where I could ask about something like this?

I have two wireless phones in a room which have gone berserk:

  • They ring and won't let me answer the call, (when I try to accept the call nothing happens)
  • The batteries have gone awry
  • When I try to go through the menus, the screen won't light up and it's not just a lack of light, I know I'm not going through the menus and nothing shows up.

One of this phones is sort of a satellite to another 'mother-phone', which is in another room. The mother-phone is connected to the landline and this one is connected to the mother-phone. The mother-phone works fine even though it's a wireless phone too.

The other phone is a stand alone.

I got two different phone lines at home. One is a regular landline and that's where I use the twin phones.

The other is connected to an internet router, (this phone service works through the internet).

There has to be something wrong with their environment for both to have become like this.
They both are on a desk, not on top, but on a shelf just below the desk's top board.
They are both close to each other, but it wasn't always like this. The twin phone was broken way before the other phone came into the picture.
They are both close to a desktop computer.

I can't think of anything else that might be relevant.

Why do my phones get like this? Is there a way to fix them? If you think might know what's going on but you're not sure or don't feel like explaining everything, can you please tell me some keywords to what's going on so I can google them?

Thanks for the help.


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I had my phones go screwy like that before.

I got in the habit of replacing the batteries every 3-4 years; or, as soon as they started acting retarded.;)


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Did you say you're using a VoIP phone for the second line?

There might be some kind of interference from using both a landline and an Internet phone. Which company provides your VoIP Internet phone?