Problem with my LabTool-148C device programmer

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Lin Zhengjie

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I have a LabTool-148C device programmer from AdvanceTech (Taiwan). This programmer runs under Windows 98 environment. At time of purchase it ran very smoothly programming my GAL22V10D. I subsequently stored it away and after some time when I took it out for use again to program another GAL22V10D, the set showed that certain of the diodes had failed but I could not find any upon checking. Recently I downloaded the latest version of the utility software from the manufacturer and used it under the Windows XP environment. When doing a self-test the screen showed "Module - Failed" or "RAM - failed" on different occasion. This programmer uses a parallel cable and my computer is a HP desktop Model t488d running on Pentium 4 processor and Windows XP OS. The programmer's software is able to run and detect the LPT which it is connected to. The power-up self-test also shows no problem until I re-test it with the program's self-test function. Can any friends help to explain what can possibly be wrong with my set and how to set it right. Thank you.