problem with ir2110


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According to their datasheet the 2110 has a pull-down resistor at the LIN input built-in. Anyway I would not leave it open when unused (floating). Use an external pull-down resistor, whatever value reasonably low but not so low to be a burden for your signal source. For example 10k.

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i tried it. but when the power from the microcontroller(for pwm) goes low the output at lo is still high.also i have inserted a pull down(33k ohm) at lo ,but the problem remains. i have shown the changes in pdf in following attachment:confused:



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Depending on how fast your switching your PWM the 1k gate resistor is way too big. A gate resistor should be in the 4.7ohm to 50ohm range. If your PWM is high the gate never has time to shut off using the high ohm resistor.