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    Jan 31, 2014
    I am working on a project where IR receiver has to receive symbols from RCMM remote. But the problem i am facing is IR out is not receiving all symbols. As per spec RCMM remote will send 18 symbols, but receiver receives 18 with specific angular distance. If i take remote nearer or far it doesn't work, doesn't work mean IR does not receives all symbols.

    Problematic setup : Vcc connected to 5v and IR out is pulled up to 3v.

    When i give 3 v supply to VCC of IR receiver it works and IR out is remains same as it is pulled up to 3v. (Referred another board which has connectivity 3v to vcc and 3v to ir out where RCMM remote works).

    But changing this will be huge impact as already PCB is all done. Please tell me is there any solution to fix this problem without hardware change.

    Also i would like to know will IR receiver wont work when input as 5v and output pulled up to 3v? I don't understand the issue.
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