problem posting thread.

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If this works, delete it. I tried 5 times to post a thread with an image....and every time I click submit it takes me to a blank page.


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Hi Doug,
We've been having lots of trouble with spammers lately, and our admin folks have had to take increasingly tough measures to try to combat the spam.

Try posting your question; just the text part.

Then try editing the post, use the "Go Advanced" and "Manage Attachments" buttons, and upload your images to the forum. Note that there are size limits, and you can only upload certain types of files. I suggest using .png format files for schematics, and .jpg format files for photos only. .pdf format files can be used, but try to minimize your use of them, as it takes extra steps to view them, then delete them.


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Maybe you worded the text slightly differently?

It could be that there was a problem in a router between you and the board?

Hard to say; we don't know where you are.