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    Nov 13, 2009
    I attach a solar panel to a drone. I have a plate of 18V maximum output voltage of 21.60 V open circuit voltage, 2.25 W of power, of 0.137 A short circuit current of 0,125 A maximum output current. The plane has a small electric motor which is fed by a battery Ni-MH 650mAh and 9.6V.
    He understood that it was sufficient that the board had a higher voltage to the plane, but I tried connecting the plane and got no response.
    What can I do?

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    650 mAh is the capacity of the battery. It is mA times hours. If the motor requires 650 mA to run then the 9.6V battery will last 1 hour. That is 650 mAh. If the motor requires 650 mA to run then the solar panel has no chance to run the motor.

    BTW 9.6V * 0.65A = 6.24 Watts => solar panel has no chance to run the motor => there is nothing you can do except find a way to up the current from the solar panel or change panels for one with more capability.
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    My electric model airplane used an 8.4V/650mAh Ni-MH battery to power its 5A motor for about 5 minutes for each charge. Your solar panel provides only 1/40th of the required current for my airplane.

    Now I am using two Lithium-ion cells (7.4V total/2200mAh) from a laptop pc which provide about the same weight but they produce much more power for about 20 minutes per charge. The motor is very hot after a flight.
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