Problem in designing a stable bandpass filter

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Hi all! I am a newbie in this digital signal processing field. Can you please help me in solving my homework? I need some hints.... I have an idea, but I am not very confident....

Thanks in advance.

Design a stable bandpass filter of order two with the following characteristics:

• The system should be real-valued,
• the center frequency of the passband is Ω = pi/2
• the frequency response at the center frequency of the passband equals 1 meaning H((e^j*pi/2)=1)
) = 1),
• the magnitude of the frequency response |H(e^jΩ)| = 1/√2 for Ω = 4pi/9 , and
• H(e^jΩ) ≡ 0 for Ω = 0 and Ω = pi.


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