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    1. Assuming each day you drive to work a traffic light that you encounter is
    either green with probability 3/8, red with probability ½, or yellow with
    probability 1/8, independent of the status of the light on any other day.
    If over the course of 4 days, G, Y, and R denote the number of times the
    light is found to be green, yellow, or red, respectively. a) What is the
    probability that P[G=1, Y=2, R=1]? b) What is the probability P[G=Y]?

    2. Consider a binary code with 7 bits (0 o 1) in each code word. An example
    of a code word is 0101011. In each code word, a bit is a zero with
    probability 0.7, independent of any other bit. a) What is the probability
    of the code word 0011011 ? b) What is the probability that a code word
    contains exactly two ones?

    3. An urn contains 4 black and 6 white balls. Person A and person B withdraw
    balls from the urn consecutively and without replacement of the balls
    drawn until a black ball is selected. Find the probability that person A is
    the one who selects the black ball. (Note: person A draws the first ball,
    then person B, then again A, and so on.)

    4. Six people, designated as A, B, C, D, E, and F, are arranged in linear order.
    Assuming each possible order is equally likely, find the probability of the
    following events:
    a) there is exactly one person between A and B,
    b) there are exactly two people between A and B,
    c) there are four people between A and B.

    5. A fair coin is tossed three times and the random variable X equals the
    total number of heads. Find and sketch the cumulative distribution and
    probability mass function of X.

    I have 5 midterm questions example what do you think about this question?
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    I think you need to tell us your attempt before receiving help.
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    I think it's a great set of questions.