Preventing driving away with engineheatercable plugged in.

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Wondering if anyone would like to be kind and help me.
Have a small project that will prevent driving away with the car when the connector cable for the engineheater is attached to the car.
I work as a car mechanic and been asked by the local firedepartment to come up with a soloution. As they have some additional electrical equipment as radios and so they
also have a batterycharger connected to the engineheatersystem to prevent the battery from being discharged when the car is standing at the station.
Thought something like this:
Mount an extra compartment outlet for interior heater in the car with a 220V ac - 12V dc poweradapter:
When the connectorcable is plugged in to the car the poweradapter draws one relay on a relay card: which cuts the
control current to the car's own relay for the startersolenoid.
I would also like to have a visual indicator on the dashboard that tells you that the connectorcable is attached.
I would like to have a 2-colored LED that flashes red when the cable is plugged in and turns into green for some 20-30 seconds after you disconnected the engineheater and It´s possible to start the engine.
The second relay on the relay card will pull when the engine heater is plugged in and give U-bat to a simple little LED flasher with a 555 timer:

Now for my problem as a novice:
Is it possible to somehow involve an extra capacitor in the circuit that can power the LED´s green section in some 20 seconds when you disconnect the engineheater and the voltage to the timer circuit is broken and if so, how do I connect the capacitor and the two-colored LED?
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Automotive projects are not dealt with here. Frankly, I doubt whether any sane Fire Department would entrust such a task to anyone but a properly qualified engineer - not a mechanic with little knowledge of Electronics. In case of an accident, they could find themselves in serious legal problems.

Is this actually a school assignment?

Edit: Imagine the consequences of a failure of your modified equipment, such that the vehicle cannot be started when needed for an emergency call. The result of that could easily be loss of life.


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