powering steppers and DC motors

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Hey guys, I'd really appriciate some advice on how I could go about powering my circuits...

I'm controlling 5 stepper motors and 4 DC motors using a propeller chip and five basic stamp chips, driven through 7 L293D H-bridge drivers.

The stepper motors are rated at 600mA @ 4.6v, the DC motors 12v, 0.1A no-load.

I have a 12v, 1A wall supply powering the circuits, split into 3.3v, 5v and 9v to supply the voltage to the logic parts of the circuit.

Through development, I've been using a seperate 12v wall supply again divided by two voltage regulators to provide the 4.6v and 12v voltage levels nessesary to drive the motors (plugging into pin 8 of each L293D and all sharing a common ground).

The problem is I can only realistically run 3 steppers at a time and they have little torque...I can run all four DC motors but presumably only because I have not tested them with any attached load.

I've found a pretty cheap variable AC/DC wall supply (http://www.maplin.co.uk/ac-dc-multi-voltage-6w-power-supply-226)providing 6A and I was wondering if this would be suitable for the task...

So, this is what I could really do with some help with...

1. if I bought the above supply, could I use two voltage regulators to divide the voltage into 12v for the DC's, and 4.6v for the steppers?

And how would the current be divided over the two voltage drops?




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