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Can someone design a circuit for 28 vdc to 10 vac 5 khz regulated that can handle a 2 amp load?


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That's kind of an odd request.

I'm just guessing that this has to do with gyros used on aircraft? Or perhaps other military equipment?

Why 5kHz? Does it have to be pretty accurate frequency-wise?


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I thought it was kind of an odd request because of our OP's chosen login name.

Aviation gyros usually run on 115VAC 3phase 400Hz. They're really not terribly picky about the waveform; as long as it's 3 phase 400Hz (or very close to it) and works out to be about 115V RMS, they'll sing right along.

Probably the easiest way to make it reasonably accurate in frequency would be to use a microcontroller. Even a PIC12 on an internal 4MHz oscillator would be better than 1% accurate. PWMing using a look-up table through a low-pass filter would make a decent enough approximation of a sinewave.

Either that, or use a Wein bridge oscillator to generate a sinewave. The waveform will be more pure, but the frequency would likely not be as stable.

Then just use something like an audio amp; maybe a TDA7294 100Watt bridge amp, to reproduce/amplify the sinewave. A pair of LM675 3A power opamps is another possiblity, but the TDA7294 would probably be cheaper.