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Hi! I'm trying to realize a power supply test, specifcally I'd like to obtain the load transient recovery time. I have to test a Keysight power supply using an electronic load, a scope and Data Acquisition and Instrument Control in Labview. I really don't have a clue about where to start. I just have an application note and this table which is a guideline for instrument performance levels for the test but I don't know how to use it.
Your knowledge on this would help me tremendously and any help would be greatly appreciated!photo_2021-07-29_20-18-17.jpg


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The scope you will use determines if you can do these tests.
With a DSO and careful use of the trigger level and a Single shot setting it should be simple without needing to tie the load trigger output to the scope.


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You may want to give this a read. Measuring transient recovery time requires an understanding of exactly what is going on and accurately measuring it can require some real fast sample rates. The transient is, as mentioned a single shot event which you need to capture and measure. Also pay attention to the recovery band.