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    Jul 2, 2005
    I have tried to get you a picture (Attached) of how the power flow happens right from the Generation to the End consumer in India. I wish to know how it is done in US. I have heard from people that there will be type of distribution system that uses a Center tapped transformer topology. Can someone please brief me that? If possible with pictures.
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    Nov 20, 2005
    the USA is tied into a grid of all states and mexico also. the generating station supply the power to the grid via transmission hi tower in the range of 500kv for interstate transmission. power buy and sell from is done daily or on the hour new york doesn't need power when sleeping california is active. so power can be shared from all over with a buy/sell idea. transmission lines go to a substation where there are transformers and switch gear that supply local distribution that is usualy 16kv or so. that is called local distribution. finaly it gets to the houses with another transformer usualy on a pole to 240v two phase ac. a sub station for a power company will have computer to communicate with the main frame computer on usage and power flow states of switchgear. local operators can and will control power flow to assure that the substation integrety is not compromised the station chief is responsable for that. generators are usualy oil burning some are atomic power some are hydrolic power and there are also power jet peakers to supply peaking power. ho i forgot some are wind generating power and solar. but they are usualy in the range of 100megw or less. the main frame computer keeps track of power flow and buy/sell power flow. finally there is usaly a backup for power loss if generation fails for some reason that comes from a generating station that is not part of one company source. this source will provide power to the main frame computer untill power usualy a jet peaker kicks in and provide power to the main frame computer. afterall must know who is buying and who is selling. megabucks are involved. to disconnect from the grid is a nightmare for power company because to get back on it may take months to slowly match voltage and phase and frequency. 60 cycles varies all day BUT the net for a long term is nill. interesting isn't it.
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    Thanks newbie. That's not enough for me. You came near to what I was expecting and suddenly changed the direction. My interest is to know what in the step down transformer stage is done(two phase means how?). Whether the 16 kv three phase(R Y B ) will be given to the primary? And the Secondary will have what topology? Possible for you to show me in a pictorial format.
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    A very good explaination of split phase power - with diagrams - may be found