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Hello, I am about to modify a electrical control panel to keep 4 conveyors (identical mechanicaly) running at the same speed but needs to be adjustable. I have bought 4 new invertors and i am going to have 1 master control pot on the door for the operators to adjust and the wiper from this will feed 4 internal trimmer pots (for fine tuning speeds) whose wipers will feed their individual invertors. The question is a have looked at 10vdc power supplies to feed the circuit and in the catalogue there was pulsed output, switched mode, linear, regulated....etc
Can someone tell me the pros and cons of each and which one will be suitable for my application.
Each of the invertors has its own 10v feed (for a pot), could i common out the 0v on each and use one of these 10v to feed the circuits....or would all these loads drag the feed down?
Any advice would be appreciated.


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to get it really right you should measure the position of each conveyors and use a feedback loop to synch them up. Any power supply with an external input should work if it can supply the current. Switch mode are more efficient. Not a big deal if the current is low. Probably would be best done with a microcontroller. One supply may work with individual regulators for each conveyor. Need more info from you.