Power supply leads?

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I've got a rather old Mastech model HY1803D (0-18VDC PS) and I'd like to use it, however I don't have the original leads. The front panel has two ports. They look like they'd fit banana plugs, but are too big. My banana plugs are about 4mm OD and these jacks are 4.5mm ID. I can't find reference to a 4.5mm banana plug. I suppose I could deform a couple of banana plugs but I'd rather get the right leads.

The jacks don't appear to be worn, but I don't see an easy way to replace them if they are.

How should I interface with this device?

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Those sound like no-longer-made connectors. If you can get the panel loose and have the room. place two 5/16" holes 3/4" apart and mount a pair of standard banana sockets. Wire them in parallel with the originals. The spacing will allow you to use dual banana plugs.