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    Jun 23, 2009
    Hi all this is my first post hope you can help.I am building a power amp which would usually use a transformer supplying 40-0-40v from it. I have several good quality transformers supplying 37-0-37v my question is as I am only 3v down on spec will this just lower the total output from the amplifier circuit. The capacitors on the power supply are 6x 4700μf at 63v as I have not been active in the electronics world since 1976 I am a little rusty to say the least thanks;Dave.
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    Are those voltages the AC output or the voltage on the filters? If that is the AC output, the filtered DC voltage will be 1.404 times as large, or almost 52 volts.

    If your output is 37 VDC, then the ultimate output of the amp will be slightly lessened. Some biases may be affected, but probably not enough to matter. Without a schematic, that is just guesswork.
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    No difference what so ever to the human ear, but a little less in power delivered to the load, but if u can provide more smoothing caps, it will counteract the power dip during bass reproduction

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    Jun 23, 2009
    Thanks for your help I can proceed as planned cheers;Dave.