Power supply 340V 15 V and thanks to members

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My chinese milling machine with a brushless burnt pcb, due to really bad heatsinking and designing, no fan and enclosed in a box ....

I asked many and many questions for this power supply, now it works fine...

So I send schematics made with Kicad - free EDA soft - and also files with doc extension.

Far away from my workshop, so couldn't give some pics .... Next time.

Hope this helps.

Sadly I think i'm not in this case, with this kind of "milling" so u can use it, to diy in your workshop...

Next step, secondary pcb to drive the brushless, a draft is joined.

Surely mistakes in it, so check it carefully.

By example, L1 to L3 are - to check also - Burklin items CHI 211B 4,5/1x0,6

Smoothing chokes 215124_65 C330


Thanks to : Sgt Wookie, Audioguru, CDDRIVE, Bill Marsden, 12, KMoffett.

Apologies if i forget others members.



Phase --> Live Décharge condensateur --> Discharging capacitor
Neutre --> Neutral
Terre --> Earth Pont redresseur --> Bridge rectifier

Porte fusible --> Fuse holder Couche cuivre --> Cooper layer

Transfo --> Transformer 340 V continus --> 340 V DC output

SPDT switch is to discharge CP2 see "blue square" labelled top entry ..

file ods.Zip is created with Free Software: Open office or libre office


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Gee, I vaguely remember this project; it was a while ago.
I am glad that you were successful in completing it, and thanks for sharing.

Is there someone who is fluent in both English and French that could help to make a better translation from jm-a's original text, were they to send it to you? Translation programs are better than not being able to communicate, but still leave much to be desired.

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Hi Sgt,

Just added other stuff for this post.

I'm going to redraw original schematic with english captions.....

Maybe it will be a better result ????

Translation trial, someone in the field will of course, perform a much better work!!!!!!

Schematic drawn with kicad


Thanks again for your help. Great forum.



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