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Hi friends,
My project is about the power spikes display. I am about to write the background study. Can anyone please tell me the difference between power spikes, power surges, transient voltage, overvoltage, undervoltage, sags, swells. I am really confused what to write in the report as it all seems very similar. Can someone please direct me to the right way. Any book or any other resource link will be appreciated.
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This sounds like a school project hence I have moved this to Homework Help.


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Wikipedia is a good start, so is google.
Some of those words seem peculiar to the industry, so people that don't work there might be a bit foggy on the exact meanings.

Spike, surge, and transient are similar and differ in their relationship to time.
I think they are all about excess voltage in a short time period.
Overvoltage, undervoltage, sags, and swells are about slower events.
I think swell and sag correspond to overvoltage and undervoltage.

There's a start, though I realize it's weak.

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I understand the difference between them but the problem is that in my project i need to write mainly about the power spikes (more than 10,000 words). I looked in few books about power quality and it explains the difference between them but i doesn't explain the power spikes in detail. If my project was about the power quality then i would have included all of them and harmonics etc as well. I know it sounds a bit silly but i am finding it very difficult to write a report on just one of the power quality problem. Do you or anyone else on the forum knows about a book or any other resource about in depth explanation about the power spikes in particular which help me writing the report. Google isn't proving very helpful in this case.
OR tell me something related to power spike to include in my report.

I will appreciate your help.
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tell me something related to power spike to include in my report.
You could start by listing as many possible sources/causes of power spikes as you can. Then describe how they are generated, their likely magnitude, ways to reduce their effect,.....