Power Meter Question??

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I just bought a power meter for a battery power source of about 60V and 22A. The power meter is designed to measure from 0 - 60V and about 0 -100A. The battery's voltage is actually more like 64V and I would still like to have some more room to work with for safety purposes with the voltage. I have read online about the power meter, saying that it works up to 90V but is most accurate to 60V, but doesnt say that in the manual that came with it so I am a bit reluctant to try it. Is there any way to fix this or do I just have to find another meter? The link for the power meter i bought is:


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It would be a guessing game to figure on how to step the power down for metering yet having full power available for the motor. You may want to tap off of your power wires then halve the voltage using two resistors, that will give you a display of half of the batteries power, but then again, you will want to contact the manufacturer to be sure the rest of the measurements wont be thrown haywire.