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Hey guys Im new here, hope yall can help me out!

So I have this homework assignment due Monday and it is really kicking my butt

"3- The coil in the magnetic system of the following figure has 400 turns and a resistance of 10 Ohms. The core material may be considered to have infinite permeability.
a) Draw a magnetic equivalent circuit of the system, showing the appropriate reluctance values.
b) Determine the flux in each of the air gaps as a function the coil current.
c) Neglecting core losses, draw an electric equivalent circuit (using resistance and inductance.)"


So I have my circuit as Reluctance 1 on one side, F=Ni in the middle, and then Reluctance 2 on the other. So they're all in parallel. The middle Reluctance is 0 correct?

I found the area of Reluctance 1 (60*50) then the area of reluctance 2 (40*50) but since the permeability is infinite... How do I find the reluctance? I must have dosed off in class when he went over this part because I am thoroughly confused. Do I need to find the reluctance of each gap and use those for my magnetic equivalent? Will each side have 2 reluctances? One for the gap and one normal? Thanks.