power line data communication


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As it is a final year project, I moved it to the homework section.
Please show us your progress and we will tell you if you are correct or give directions.
We will NOT give you complete solutions.



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What have you done so far?

How do you interface/overlay your signal on the line?

Where do you put your data signal so it will be unaffected by switching power supplies on that same line?
im working on automatic meter reading using power line communication..i have used FSK modulation data transmission and passed it through high pass filter now i need to overlay/interface modulated signal to power line(220v&50Hz)..plz help to find the coupling circuit diagram for this.
thanks in anticipation


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Will this be going through transformers?

Often, data is transmitted at the zero crossing point, or within 10V of it. This usually gets wiped out when it goes through a transformer, though.

Before you put the data on the power line, can you decode your data after it goes through your filter?

As for putting it onto the power line itself, that is where the rules of the site get in the way. I'm not aware of an easy/quick method. Look at some patents for Ethernet over powerline to show you how they use the full sinewave for carrying data, the same method would be what you would use. However, we can't discuss details of line voltage due to terms of service.