Power in Series n Parallel

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    Jun 30, 2013
    1) The resistance of a parallel c/t consisting of two resistors is 12 ohm,one of the resistance wire breaks and effective R becomes 18 ohms,find the R of of broken wire.

    2)Two lamps of 200w 220v and 100w ,220v are connected in series across 22ov supply.Find ratio of I thru them will be ?

    3)Two heaters rated at 1000w,250v each are connected in series across a 250v,50hz ac mains.Total P drawn from supply would be ?

    4)The resistnce of 100w,220v lap to that of a 100w,110v lamp will be at ___ respective voltages .
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    I foun this post in the "completed projects" section.
    That section is ONLY for completed projects.

    As your post looks like home work, I moved it over here.

    Please show us your try to solve the problems.
    We will give you hints if you went wrong somewhere.

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    Are we supposed to just answer your homework for you?

    How about showing your best effort at the answers and we will use that as a starting point to guide you toward the correct answers, assuming that is even needed.

    And check the last problem. The phrase "will be at ____ respective voltages" makes no sense. I can think of a couple slightly different phrases that would make sense, but they are just that -- different phrases meaning different things.