Power Factor Correction & Capacitor Size Selections??

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Will this freezer compressor motor run more efficiently with capacitors.

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  1. Jaffasoft

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    Oct 24, 2013
    This link is good but i am still confused! http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_2/chpt_11/4.html

    Hi all,

    My Goal: To run a common house freezer through a smaller dedicated 12/240v inverter from 12v battery bank. Freezer already runs well through a large inverter but i want to improve the so called power factor for efficiency and also so i can buy a smaller inverter to start it. I hoped to use a 300-350watt inverter but 600watt if I have to my larger inverter is 2500watt and 5000 surge pure sine wave. I do not know a lot about this stuff but im learning. Electricity is precious in an RV to live off so the best efficiency is better.

    I have spent weeks on this now more confused then ever. Finding a calculator I can simple input some variables is near impossible, I find the math to hard.

    All I have to go on is the plate on the freezer motor says 0.86amps 220-240volt 50htz, 104watts and 1/6th horsepower rated motor. Its a little strange though because another plate on the freezer itself says rated 90watts 1.2amps 220-240v 50htz. It does not have any capacitors on it so I wish to customise at least a star cap and maybe a run cap.

    Before anyone says just get a 3 en 1 start capacitor kit I wish I could import one to Australia (its not allowed) but I cant find anywhere I can buy one here so far. It would be so much easier. I can buy a cap on its own here though (it doesn't have a bleed resistor across it or a relay)!

    To do this it may need a potential relay so any info about that be good. To answer the question I want at least a start cap size in uF. 10uF, 17uF, 40uF?????? I do not know? And what size run cap?? Any info about wiring it in in simple laymans terms please would be good. Any thoughts about achieving this.

    This is a good article PDF about someone that done this, about the only one I can find anywhere:

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    P.S. I am told this will make no difference in efficiency so any discussion about it to shed light might be interesting. I'm cautious to try it for the well on it anyway.