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    A 400v, 3-phase, 4 wire connected system supplies three resistive loads of 15kW, 20kW and 25kW in the RYB phases respectively. Determine the current flowing in each of the four conductors.

    A balanced delta connected load consists of 3 coils. It is connected to 400V 50Hz supply. The total power consumed is 8kW at 0.9pf lagging. Calculate
    i) the line and phase currents. [Il=12.83, Ip=7.41]
    ii) R and L for each coil [48.6ohm, 75mH]
    iii) sketch the phasor diagram

    i wish to know how the working are, not simply the answer as you may have noticed I have given them to you in the []. I am working through some pretty gruelling tutorials of which I havent touched for years. Please help. you can respond direct to email, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Also if you can point me in the direction of any sites with concise info on this stuff that will also be great.