Power Dissipation Of A Coil

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A series circuit consists of a coil and a capacitor connected to a 60Hz supply. The circuit has the following values:

-Coil resistance is 40 ohms.
-Inductance of the coil is 0.46 henrys.
-The capacitor is 22 microfarads.
-The voltage drop across the capacitor is 135 volts.

What is the power dissipation of the coil?
Answer - 50.2 Watts.

What calculations are needed to arrive at that answer?


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voltage across capacitor is current*reactance
,current in series remains same
so this current is the same as current thru resistance of the coil.
power = I^2*R.
got it?
u can play with this example by finding various thins like voltage across inductance,
net impedance of rlc cicuit, current =v/z they all lead to same result and its lot of fun and help in learning.