Power delay circuit

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Hi everyone I have been looking about on the net to try and find this and stumbled across this forum.

Ill give you a little bit of backgroud first of all.

I have had a project on the go for some time building an arcade cabinet and basically I need a delay on a timer that can be adjusted likend into my TV power on.

I have everything in the cabinet being powered on by one button I just need the TV to come on 1 min after everything else.

Why I hear you ask?

Well the bios on PC systems outputs at 31khz and on a normal TV this is not good, I have a tool that makes windows run in 15khz so it appears on the TV fine, but the bios cannot be changed and I dont want to damage the TV.

If anyone could help here it would be greatly appreciated as the cabinet is going to be a sealed unit and I will have no access to the on/off button of the TV.

Thanks alot