Power consumption for AC motor

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    Hello all ! I am trying to evaluate the electrical power consumption of a 3 phase , 1 hp, wye connected pump motor for a piece of equipment here at work. The motor literature says that it has a power factor of 71. At the electrical control box , I measure 208 vac across each phase going out to the motor, and with a clamp on amp probe, I measure about 2 amps on each of the 3 phases. To calculate electrical power consumption, do I simply take my measurements and multiply V x I for each wire and add up the three results, or is there more to it than that? Thanks!

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    Oct 9, 2007
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    certainly using wattmeter is the easiest way. if you want to calculate power then:

    where cos(θ) is phase difference between V and I. you may use value stamped on the motor. note it is 0.71, not 71.

    If you measured voltages phase to neutral (Y circuit) then

    because VLL = VLN*sqrt(3) in a 3-phase circuit
    VLL= Voltage Line to Line (phase to phase)
    VLN = Voltage Line to Neutral
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    Thanks for all your help. Since this is just for a ballpark estimate and don't have a watt meter at my disposal, I'll just go with calculations based on my readings.
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    3phase power calculations

    Total power drawn from supply W = V x I x 1.732

    actual load power given out W = V x I x 1.732 x PF(power factor)

    so in your case 208V x 2Amps x 1.732= 720.512W actual power drawn from supply.
    Motor power given out is 720.512 x 0.71 = 511.56W

    so the higher to a power factor of 1 is better as your wasting money!!!