Potentiometer A2D and PIC 16F877A for DC motor control with PWM

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    Apr 23, 2009
    I want to use a PIC16F877A (I have a boot loader on it) to control the speed of an electric motor. I also want to use the PIC for a few other things not related to this problem so I want to program it in assembly for better programming control (and for the fun of it). Motor speed will be controlled using a potentiometer as input in a voltage divider. The voltage will be measured using RA0/AN0 (or which ever) of the analog pins on the PIC . The measured voltage will used to set the value of a PWM signal that will go to an H-bridge. My oscillator is 16 MHz.

    How can I program the PIC16F877A in assembly code to measure voltage at one of the analog pins and output a PWM signal to an H-bridge? I've managed to put together some code from what I remember and have been able to get from the internet but I'm sure that it needs correcting. What else do I need to add or correct?

    LIST P=16F877A

    org 0x1F00 ; For the boot loader

    ; 01 = B1
    bsf STATUS, RP0
    bcf STATUS, RP1

    ; Set PORTA to input
    movlw B'11111111'
    movwf TRISA

    ; Set PORTE to input
    movlw B'11111111'
    movwf TRISE

    ; Justify left the A2D inputs
    ; All possible pins are analog, VREF+ = VDD, VREF- = VSS
    clrf ADCON1

    ; 00 = B0
    bcf STATUS, RP0

    ; Fosc / 8, RA0/AN0, AD on
    movlw B'01000001'
    movwf ADCON0

    ; 00 = not used, 11 = LSB, 1100 = PWM
    movlw B'00111100'
    movwf CCP1CON

    ; Goto Main
    goto Main

    ; Move the new values from the A2D, ADRESH and ADRESL,
    ; to the PWM values, CCPR1H and CCPR1L, respectively
    movf ADRESH, CCPR1H
    movf ADRESL, CCPR1L

    ; Get the AD measurement
    bsf ADCON0, GO
    btfsc ADCON0, GO
    goto Pause

    call GetAD ; Get the AD measurement
    call SetPWM ; Set the PWM values
    goto Main ; Loop back