Potential Dividers (please help)

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Baiscally, im in the middle of coursework (write up stage). I used a rotary potentiometer in series with a resistor, with voltmetres in parralel with both components. I could go and bore you with the details of the experiment, but i wont...

Basically, i had the variable and fixed resistor, thinking i would use these to make a potential divider. I have now realised that the rotary potentiometer (the one with the spindle that you turn to change resistance) serves as a potential divider.

So heres my question. In this scenario do both these resistors still make a potential divider? What is the effect of the fixed resistor on the readings of potential difference (voltage) across the potentiometer?



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your final resistance will be your resistor value when your pot goes zero when you are tapping from the pot center pin. when your pot is at maximum resistance your total resistance will be pot resistance + resistor. however if you are tapping from the junction of the resistor and pin 1, you get values depending on the pot wiper position. in short you will be having 2 tapping points in your circuit.