Possible ways to store the data in memory devices except FATFS through serial communication ?

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I am currently using KEIL MDK essential version which allows me to use the following: all the mdk tools and software pack related to device and CMSIS but not middle ware.

I am doing a project in which i will have to store the values of motor vibration from accelerometer and have to do a digital signal processing on the stored values. I intially purchased a sd card and break out board and realized that , As a MDK essential version member i cannot use a file system!! In order to use a file system I will have to pay around 3000$ and upgrade my license to MDK essential plus.

Apart from storing the values through file system, what are the other ways in which i can store the values via serial communication ??? which eliminates the use of file system. are there any other ways????

I am not sure how much space i would need but i will have to take atleast 5k samples in one second.